Nicole & Tyler

Who's Your Daddy

Tyler was watching from across the room as Nicole walked into the first day of their college Chemistry class wearing a Darth Vader t-shirt with the caption, "Who's Your Daddy". He knew then and there that this was the girl for him. Nicole's father recounts the beginning of their story in the film and we love how much of their personality comes out in their first encounter.

Majestic, serene, maybe a little nerdy, are just a few words we'd use to describe this wedding of epic proportions amid the towering redwood trees. Tucked away somewhere in “Middle Earth”, the Nestldown venue offers 180 acres of meticulously tendered woodland tranquility all too fitting for this wedding seeping with Lord of the Rings sole. For real though, on the day of the wedding someone was there carving a 25 foot, gold hoarding, sleeping Smaug from the Hobbit franchise (pics below or it didn't happen). This, along with a few scattered statues of fairytale creatures, enchanted cottages and a small scale train that took guests around for a ride, were just some of the things you can expect from this venue in the woods.

Another special touch was the jet black, vintage taxi Nicole and Tyler got chauffeured around on. This ride was rad and looked like it was straight out of a Harry Potter flick. Their evening took us back to how their relationship started, with a Star Wars light saber party and send off.

We knew we had to serve this film with music that enhanced the enchanted theme, so we searched for tracks with a certain ethereal or fantasy flavor. Dexter Britain and De Joie provided such; you can find and license their music at For the editing, we paced it such a way that would create a feeling of adventure, surrealism and maybe even a sense of mystery if you will.

Congratulations to Nicole and Tyler! Thank you for taking on this journey of your storybook wedding. 

Hope you enjoy!

Venue and Wedding Planning: Nestldown
Photographer: Jake and Necia Photography

Shot: A Journey Into Risk, Tragedy, and Faith

Got the opportunity to make this Kickstarter video. Peter's story is inspiring and challenging to me and I can't wait to read the book. Please consider contributing to the fundraiser.

It's a book that tells the true story of Dara and Peter DeSoto, a couple who sold everything they owned in 2005 and moved their family of six to El Salvador to serve as missionaries. A year and a half later, Dara was at home with their children when she received a message that Peter had been shot in the neck by a masked gunman.

Cassandra and Zac in Palm Springs

There's always something magical about weddings in the desert. I loved this classy wedding with all the beautiful details and delicious food. The wedding took place at the Charles Farrell Estate in Palm Springs. Charles was a movie star during the silent era and was one of the first Hollywood Moguls responsible for putting Palm Springs on the map. He started the first racket club and made the area a trendy spot for celebrities to vacation.