How a Baby Saved Her Parents

A little over a year ago, I began filming the family story of Vivian Grace Hoover.  I had no idea at the time just how beautiful and important her story would be.  Only a week after she was born, her parents (Joy & Phil) faced a huge tragedy in their lives.  This video is a testament to how joyful baby Viv kept her parents going in the midst of hardship and struggle.

Happy Birthday, Vivi, and I wish you many more years to come!

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Hannah & Steve's Vineyard Wedding

Hannah and Steve wanted their ceremony to be outdoors and surrounded by beautiful scenery. They chose to have their wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, California, and it was gorgeous. Vineyards, oak trees, and rolling hills - you simply can’t beat it. Through all the tears of joy, smiling faces, and personally written vows, you can really see the love that these two have for each other. They have something very special. Enjoy the film.

Cinematography: Matthew Forrey, and Mark Jacobs

Editing: Matthew Forrey

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The Cupcake Girls [Not a Bakery]

Funny story: when shooting this video on location at Red Rock Canyon the weather decided to go bonkers on us. The truth is I wanted it to rain because it provided the look that I was going for. What we ended up getting, however, was a monsoon that trapped me and my crew in the desert for several hours. When I say crew I mean my pregnant wife who operated our Toyota made dolly, my friend Sean who acted as a human seatbelt keeping me and the camera from falling off the flatbed of said dolly, and of course our subject who we tried not to run over while filming her run across the desert in the rain. We're very sophisticated here at Forrey Films. Anyway, at Red Rock there is only one, very long, one-way road that loops around the park. Well, when it started to pour we had flash floods wash the road out both in front and behind us, leaving around a 1/2 mile stretch of road for us to be stranded on. We were stuck there for hours. My pregnant wife started looking at me like a meal - I think she was prepared to sacrifice me for the greater good! The silver lining?  The rain let up and we were able to finish our shoot while we waited for the tractor to clear the road. 

Now check out this video that we almost died filming, and help support a rad organization.

The Cupcake Girls exist to bring nonjudgmental support, consistent caring, community resources and peace, love & cupcakes to women in the adult entertainment industry. 

Find out more at

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A Baby for the New Year

Happy New Year!  Today is Olive Dian Busby's first birthday.  And guess what - exactly one year ago on New Year's Day, we captured her birth on video!  Yup, her mom and dad missed out on having us film their wedding, so they wondered if we could film her being born.  Well, that's one video we had never done before, but the Busby's are great friends and we decided to give it a shot.  It turned out to be one emotional, beautiful, amazing story and Olive turned out to be one CUTE kid! :)  To celebrate Olive turning one, her parents are sharing this film with family and friends. We know you are probably wondering just what a "birth film" looks like.  It's time to find out!  Enjoy.

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Hsin and Max's Brooklyn Wedding

Today we want to share a story of two people from different parts of the world that found each other in New York City and fell in love. One friday night in September Max went out to dinner with a few friends, who introduced him to Hsin, who was visiting the city from Malaysia. Over a bowl of ramen in the East Village these two shared stories of home and discussed their favorite books and types of food. Max knew his time to spend with Hsin was limited as she had only two more days in New York before returning home. The two spent every moment they could with each other, but as the weekend quickly came to an end, Hsin got on plane and flew home to Malaysia. Their friendship persevered as Max pursued her through many phone calls and Facebook conversations until the day Hsin moved to New York. Their relationship blossomed and they got married on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn. Their wedding had friends and family in from all over the world. The event took place at The Green Building, which featured golden chandeliers and exposed brick walls. The building's history expands as far back as 1889 when it was built and used as a brass foundry. This fairytale wedding had a beautiful flower arrangement and Hsin’s blush dress was unique and elegant.

Before we watch the film, I leave you with a special note from the Bride and Groom, “Most of it went by like a happy blur for us which brings us to the advice of enjoying the day and slowing down to soak in the moments as much as possible. Enjoy the preparations together too instead of stressing over what will surely lapse from memory - it is a journey of happiness in anticipation of the big day!”

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