Shot: A Journey Into Risk, Tragedy, and Faith

Got the opportunity to make this Kickstarter video. Peter's story is inspiring and challenging to me and I can't wait to read the book. Please consider contributing to the fundraiser.

It's a book that tells the true story of Dara and Peter DeSoto, a couple who sold everything they owned in 2005 and moved their family of six to El Salvador to serve as missionaries. A year and a half later, Dara was at home with their children when she received a message that Peter had been shot in the neck by a masked gunman.

Cassandra and Zac in Palm Springs

There's always something magical about weddings in the desert. I loved this classy wedding with all the beautiful details and delicious food. The wedding took place at the Charles Farrell Estate in Palm Springs. Charles was a movie star during the silent era and was one of the first Hollywood Moguls responsible for putting Palm Springs on the map. He started the first racket club and made the area a trendy spot for celebrities to vacation.